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    Default Which Stop Motion Animation software

    Thanks for all the responses to my previous question.

    On another but related topic, can anyone recommend a good software package for my 10 year old son to do stop motion animation with? He has already used Windows Movie Maker but is already frustrated with it. He has a Vistas PC.

    I guess we're looking for a good package (free or to buy) that is relatively clear and inituiative but is also able to do more complex animations/effects etc as he get's older and more experinced.


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    It's not really my thing (i.e. never tried stop motion) but I think if I were tempted then I would simply use a still camera and a regular video editor and or compositing tool for certain effects.

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    Stop Motion Pro - Home this is a good piece of software which is compatible with vista and has a trial version you can download. hope this helps !

    If you ever go pro on this, adobe premier pro cs3 is for you !!

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    Try this one....

    Freeware Home - Free Software Downloads

    MonkeyJam 3.0

    On the Graphic section on the left panel, click on Animation, Video

    Scroll down through the list and locate MonkeyJam 3.0

    Click on the download link on the right.

    MonkeyJam is a program that lets you get your drawings into the computer and then stick them together so that you can see your animation come to life. In other words, it's an exposure sheet driven digital pencil test program and a stop motion movie maker. You can capture from DV, video and webcam or import individual images. MonkeyJam allows you to adjust the timing, composits multiple layers and exports as AVI.

    Or if you want to use what Alan suggested, then put a digital still camera on a tripod, set the image size to 640X480 and take a lot of still images. You will need software to put them all together so they become an AVI file, I would suggest using Img2Avi, which is a freeware download. You basically load all your stills pictures into it and it will assemble them and output an AVI file.

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