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Thread: Editing video clips like an audio editor

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    Hi, i need some advice on how to achieve a certain type of rapid/stuttering sort of editing with vegas, I see it all the time but i don't know what the correct name for it is, or even if there is an actual name for it.

    It's basically when people edit the video clips like they have arranged sounds in music production software, i write my own music in cubase and sometimes Fl studio and it's very easy to make a simple beat by loading up samples and triggering them via midi, but earlier in Vegas i tried to make some sort of stuttering effect where there were 2 clips alternating rapidly but it took me ages and was very slow and cumbersome to get them in time with the actual tune, i know there must be an easier way to do this.

    there is a video on youtube where some guy has recorded himself making various noises then he's edited it into a beat by splicing the clips one after the other, it's obvious he's using something to arrange the clips in a similar way to how music production software works but what?

    If i tried to make that video using my technique (even though it's not exactly what i wanted to do) it would probably take a whole month :oops
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    Lasse Gjertsen, who's done a lot of this stuff (my favourite being the piano and drums) doesn't have the problem you are describing, simply because he doesn't have to sync video to music. His clips include both video and sound so there's nothing to sync.
    It's still time consuming.
    I'd do it by tapping out a beat on the "M" key to place markers at every beat. (Actually I'd use Ultimate S to do this for me)
    Then it's a matter of selecting your clips and lining up the audio peaks or the beginning of each clip with the markers.

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    "it's obvious he's using something to arrange the clips in a similar way to how music production software works but what?".

    No, not obvious to me - any video editor, even the free one in windows will facilitate this. It's not software, it's talent, dedication and stubbornness ! ( and bad hair)

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