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Thread: Is this a deal? If so, what should I upgrade for video editing purposes?

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    Default Is this a deal? If so, what should I upgrade for video editing purposes?

    I am new here

    I am not sure if this is the right place to ask but I will give it a shot.

    I saw a pc on ebay roughly 400 dollars give or take.

    My question is, if you were on a budget, what would you upgrade on this?

    I need a pc for video editing nothing too fancy and nothing over 10 minutes for youtube persay. I don't have a cam corder so I dont need anything for that. All I need is a pc that will handle and render some small 3d transitions on occassion some FX and just basic editing functions. No real high resolution stuff videos will be rendered to 640 x 480. I hope I am making my self clear. I make boxing videos but not on any commercial level, just for fun with Sony Vegas.

    Again, what would be the bare minimum you would recomend I upgrade?

    Thank you for your time and remember I am on a budget.

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    Looks good to me as is.
    Two cores is cool unless you want to edit hdv when the extra speed is preferred.

    I might spec another drive for win and apps.

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    'This system does not include an Operating System', so there is no OS included with it? That means you will have to spend another $300-$400 on some version of Windows. You can't use a computer without an OS and forget about using Linux. So your price has now gone up from $400 to $800, does it come with a monitor? If not, then that's another $250 minimum.

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    Just looked on Amazon. Windows XP---$170
    22" LCD Monitor----$180

    You can shop around and do even better. This was a 2 minute search.

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    Buy OEM version of os (ur never gonna move it to another computer anyways). has xp OEM for like $80. As far as monitors go, ebay is cheap (but check history) and ask your relatives if they have one laying in the attic!

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