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Thread: Aftermarket Sony fit batteries

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    Thumbs down Aftermarket Sony fit batteries

    In particular the ones designed to get around Sony's battery filter.

    If you try and fit aftermarket batteries to some Sony's the camera detects the discreet ciruitry within them and a warning comes up telling you can't use it. To get around this the aftermarket people provide you with a lead that plugs into the back of the battery, then into your charging socket, so the camera now thinks it's an external power supply and it all works. Well, for a while at least.

    I've been using one for months, but it's now fried my HC5 external supply function. I know it's the battery that's caused this as it emitted a crack, a little puff of smoke, and is now completely dead from a fullly charged condition. The external power function is now goosed, I can't power it up that way or use it to charge battteries on the camera.

    Be warned.

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    I use Swit batteries on my Sony z1e and they are absolutely brilliant. 47.5 amp hour battery around eighty quid and worth every penny. Lasts for 7 hours fully charged, even with screen out.

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    Yes, I'm sure it's limited to cheap Chinese batts like that one I had. My problem is, on the HC5, if it ain't Sony, it won't work.

    EDIT: Deep joy! I've tried the charger into the camera again today, and it's fine. I'm guessing the camera has overload/short circuit protection, possibly thermal, so it's cooled down and reset itself. Which is good. On the hunt for some decent batts now.
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