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Thread: Aliens destroy Bournemouth?

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    Default Aliens destroy Bournemouth?

    Inspired by watching too many B movies, made this trailer a while back for a 'Indepence Day in Bournemouth' style film modestly titled Jamie and James Save the World. The full version of the film is on youtube - featuring amongst other things a break neck 27mph moped vs ufo action scene. It was a lot of fun to make. Hope you enjoy the bad acting, cheesey effects and over the top voice over!

    YouTube - Jamie and James Save The World Trailer


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    Lucas Film style logo intro, over the top movie ad voice over, Star Wars blaster sound effects, and Gladiator sound track for the ending. Now I ask you, Who doesn't want to see this movie? Well played Sir.

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    Cheers mate. Glad you enjoyed it. Check out the full length verson if you have a few spare moments!
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    he he, good stuff. link to full version ?

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    YouTube - kromme's Channel

    Its in 3 parts. Would post the direct link but I'll get told off for posting more than 1 vid to a thread!
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