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Thread: How do I make TV simulated animations with Sony Vegas 8?

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    Question How do I make TV simulated animations with Sony Vegas 8?

    How do I make TV simulated animations like changing channel effect and volume changing effect?

    I am making a video, and I want to simulate a TV.

    At the begining of the video, I want the video to simulate changing channels after a couple seconds. The changing channel effect is typing in the green channel numbers on the top right of a real TV and looking at a black screen for less than half a second and then switching over to the next channel almost immediantely.

    The next effect is the volume changing effect. A couple of minutes after the channel-change effect, I want my video I simulate increasing volume. For example, the litle green volume lines move form right to left. I want the video to include these green lines at the bottom.
    I do not neccessarily need the video volume to increase. I only want the video to simulate these little green volume lines at the bottom of the screen.

    If there are other software that will do this, please let me know.

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    If I understand your question correctly, it can be done, but it will take some creative effort and a series of edits used in combination.

    For example, you can use several layers of text to simulate entering numbers, have empty space for 15 frames to go black for half a second, etc. To simulate the volume on the bottom you can either layer text with the | (pipe) character, or create a series of images that when played in sequence will look like the volume bar moving up and down. And while you are at it, you can increase the track volume of the video when the volume bar increases--you might as well; it would be the simplest edit of them all.

    I doubt there is one edit that will do it all, so you will have to get creative. The downside to this is anyone watching will think it's neat but they won't have any appreciation for how much work goes into something that seems simple. But, if it seems simple to your audience, then you did a good job!

    Others might have other ideas...

    Good luck!

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    yea - not a trivial thing to edit - and it isnt soft ware that you need but a tonne of patience and a clear head.

    As with most things there are lots of ways fo doing this with varying results and difficulty level.

    First thing I would say is that if you are using the value version of vegas with only 4 tracks available it may be a struggle.

    You need to break the thing down into its parts. You want to see a real tv, then one track will feature a pic of a tv. The track above should have any video you want on the screen resized with the track motion tool ( one way) so it fits in the screen area.

    Above that the volume thingy. I suggest you film that for real off a tv as you adjust the volume - I always look for the easiest way and often filming something 'real' is easiest.

    The volume changes are easy - just use a volume envalope.

    As I said, not a cinch for a noob but struggling through this stuff is what makes you a better editor, technically at least.

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    I would use the cookie cutter and make the shape of rectangles and colour green and then copy the clip and move the cookie along to give the effect of the bars going across the screen.

    Or find some images with the required bits and key them onto your picture, and use a slide wipe to show the volume increasing.

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