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    just got an HD TV 40 inch.
    we make videos of our vacations, avi videos and pics ( around 5mg eachc pic)
    tried windows MM and pinnacle 12.1.
    got a thumb drive and put the pics on that, plugged it into the TV and the pictures were sharp enough.
    the home made videos are terrible - sharpness wise.
    so we went to two stores and they put the DVDs in upconverters.
    no change.
    The video is from a Canon tape camcorder. pics are jpg from digital cameras. pics look fine when plugged into TV.
    ideas on how we can make our home videos with pics and videos so they are as sharp as the thumbdrive ones.

    don't want to go blue-ray cos the upconverters were no different.

    PS windows MM result is clearer than pinnacle studio 12.1

    also just plugged the camcorder directly into the TV and the video is good enough quality.
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