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Thread: Cutomise DVD template

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    Default Cutomise DVD template

    I want to build my customise DVD template how can i do in Adobe

    I got adobe photoshop
    adobe premeire pro2
    adobe encore.

    Please let me know

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    Forget Premier Pro for DVDs. You can do it but easiest to just forget it.

    Encore menus are really just carefully formated Photoshop PSD files so I find it best to edit them in Photoshop.

    Try this workflow.

    In Encore, choose a menu from the library you want to start with. Once you have it in yoru project then click on the 'edit in Photoshop' button. Hitting save from there after changing everything will save it back into your Encore project. Pay close attention to the layert naming conventions used. It's how and why it all works.

    Study chapters 6 and 7 of your Encore manual. And then just make the same changes described but in Photoshop cos it's much better.

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