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Thread: More on competition entry music.

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    Default More on competition entry music.

    I've recently finished the first cut of my movie. Plenty to play with yet.

    One question comes up though from a quick watch.

    I have a scene where the main character is relaxing in front of the TV, when the phone goes - key plot point. The TV has something playing on it and there is music in it.

    Will this be allowed as the music being played as part of the TV broadcast (about 3 or 4 seconds) is not from the supplied soundtrack music. It didn't occur to me before but will this be ok?

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    Feel like I'm at work

    The rules stipulate that ' are welcome to use less than the length of the entire song in your film, but you may not use any additional music'.

    This rule was designed to ensure entrants used the music provide by CWP as the sole soundtrack. If, during filming, your camera picks up sounds from external sources, this will not invalidate the entry. However, any video where the placement of music is a deliberate attempt to influence the mood and is clearly added in post production, will not be compliant with rule 1.

    In this case, as the 'additional music' is not designed to enhance or build emotion, and is not added as a seperate layer of sound, I will allow it. Howver, any additional attempts at adding music will be frowned upon.

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    OK. I'll see what I can do to reduce it down. Otherwise, I'm sure you'll let me know when it formally assessed for voting.

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