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Thread: Best transition type with concert video summarization/compilation

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    Default Best transition type with concert video summarization/compilation

    Dear all,

    For our study we want users to be able to compile their own concert compilation/summarization. The question I want to ask is which transition (cut, dissolve, wipe or fade in/out) is the best to use to combine the different selected parts.

    The main problem is that with a regular cut the audio abruptly changes. I would also like to know how you would do the audio transition and the transition of the video itself including the time span. To me it seems that I should not only select the last frame of the first part to perform (for example) a dissolve but this should hapen during multiple frames, thus the video and audio keep steaming. If it is possible to back this up with literature/references this would be great!

    Thanks for your Help!

    Greetings Steffan (Netherlands/Holland)

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    I dont totally grasp the question.

    Different fades are used to commuicate different things, but as a rule using lots of different fades looks cheap and poor.

    It is best to use plain cuts when you can and fades to cover up bad edits....

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    Assuming you want to play a selection of short cuts from a variety of different tunes/songs at a concert AND assuming the footage is of the performers I'd suggest the following:
    Dissolve the video but fade the audio through silence. That way you'll keep something visual, but you wont have two pieces of music fighting for attention. I'd do this over only a very short period, maybe less than 1 second.
    Instead of a dissolve for the video you could fade through black, but this, combined with fading the music out and in, will make the whole thing just a series of clips.
    Actually do a hard cut from one clip to another with a VERY fast fade through white accompanied with a short, sharp audio hit (cymbal smash, drum hit, synth sweep, sci fi phasers - depends on type of music/footage)

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