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Thread: flickering video

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    Question flickering video

    I just started to convert VHS to DVD with the Pinnacle Studio Moviebox Ultimate. My problem is the video from the VHS or analog camera as shown in the preview window is flickering and blooming badly. I have viewed the VHS and the camera video on my TV and it is OK. I also edited a small clip and saved the movie. The flickering showed up on the file and the DVD.

    I have a 2.4 Ghz XP machine with an Abit video card, however I do only have 512 Mb of memory.

    I've tried two different USB cables and two different yellow cables. Neither videos devices have s-video capability.

    Any ideas?


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    It sounds like you have a problem with the upper and lower fields or you have capture in lower field and have edited in upper field, another problem that can arise with VHS is that you might have a drop out and lose some frames it can result in two fields being captured that are not in sequence resulting in two upper frames or two lower frames next to each other instead of in the sequence of upper, lower,upper,lower,etc, what you might find is that part of the video you edit is fine and then for no apparent reason some parts will have flicker, all you can do then is to recapture the parts that have flicker making sure you start the capture of the faulty sections within the clip and you do not capture any of the proceeding clip.

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