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Thread: Video Speed Adjust on its Own?

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    Default Video Speed Adjust on its Own?

    First, I apologize that I registered just to ask this question, but I am getting really desperate.

    I have run into this issue with two separate video editing applications, and itís driving me crazy and a Google search implies I am the only one who has ever experienced it.

    This happens both with Nero Express and Sony Vegas Studio 9. While I am working with video from my miniDV camcorder captured in .avi format, there will be a point during my editing when the video decides to speed up to about 1.5x actual speed. The audio stays the same pitch, but it is slightly crammed together to remain lined up with the faster video.

    I donít do anything to get this to happen! Itís all on its own. I know you can fast/slow down video by using a key combo such as ctrl + drag the clip, but that has to be intentional and I am not doing anything like that.

    If I capture video and do absolutely nothing to it, then I havenít noticed this happening. But when I work with it, this happens. And there is no rhyme or reason to itósometimes I can edit the video for days and make 100s of edits until anything happens, and other times it happens right away after only one or two simple edits. Sometimes it speeds up the entire video, other times it speeds up bits and pieces here and there. Sometimes it speeds up a lot, sometimes itís hardly noticeable.

    *I should also say that this sped up video gets put onto the DVD as sped up, tooóso itís not just the preview on my computer that is sped up.

    Also, if I delete a clip and put it back into my project, it stays sped upódeleting it doesnít fix it! The problem still there!!

    Any ideas from the experts? I went to Sony Vegasí own forums and tech support and people there think I am out of my mind; and maybe you all do, too, but I thought I would give it a shot.

    Other than the troubleshooting I mentioned above, I am going to try a few more things, too. I am going to play the original tape on the camera as I watch it on my computer and see if maybe the playback on the original tape is sped up, too. I am also going to watch the clips outside of the editing applications and see if maybe the original .avi files on the computer are messed up, too.

    I am at a loss here and I am so extremely frustrated because I get started on these awesome home movies and then this crap happens. The last time it happened was two discs ago and I successfully made two more DVDs but without any problems. But now itís happening again and I am doing nothing different with each disc!

    Thanks in advance and I am excited to have found this forum!!!

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    I would download a free copy of Scenelyzer and use that to capture and see if that helps, you can see and here as it captures so should be able to spot the fault if it happens during the capture.
    If there is a speed up, then check the player in case it is confusing DVCAM with DV

    Right click the clip on the storyboard and select properties and check at the bottom the speed is set to 1.

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