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Thread: Digital camcorder choppy hi-motion playback

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    Default Digital camcorder choppy hi-motion playback

    Hello everyone,
    I've been using a Sony Handycam DCR-TRV330 Digital-8 camcorder for 7 years with no problems, however recently I've noticed an annoying problem with the tape playback: when it plays back high motion scenes (like when panning a view or when the object moves fast) it shows some sort of horizontal flickering or pixel displacement. Curiously, this effect doesn't happen when the subject/camera is static or moving slow. I don't know how to describe this effect precisely so I'm posting a few video captures to let you see it by yourself:

    I need answers please:
    1. Does this issue affect only the playback and not the recording?
    2. What is the cause and nature of this problem?
    3. And what can I do to fix it? Send it to technical service or just buy a new camera?

    I'd love to hear some advice ASAP at least for the first question since I got an event next weekend and wouldn't bother getting new tapes until I find a solution.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Looks like gundge on the heads/tape, the reason it is not seen in slow or static movement is that the shot is so similar the pixels can remain the same for that bit.

    I would try try head cleaner and or fresh tapes, are you mixing tapes as that can sometimes cause problems..

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    I've tried it on new fresh tapes and nothing changes, I will try cleaning the head, are you suggesting a head cleaning tape? I don't exactly what you mean with "mixing tapes" but I'll try to answer your question: I only have a four hi8 tapes and yes many times I use them all when I have lots of taping to do. I'd like to know if this malfunction affects recording too, so I'm trying to find another one owning any hi8 device to find out.

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    I dont want to sound like an expert - cos i aint one - but when i think ' clean heads ' my next thought is ' every 5 to 10 hours of use'.

    In reality I do it when I start to notice dropouts and or the camera tells me to do it.

    I would say you did dam well if you didnt need to clean the heads after one year of regular use, but seven !

    If it's a hi 8 analogue camera then cleaning the heads will make you think your camera is brand new.

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    Ok, some updates: It appears to be a playback only issue but a serious one, I tried the tapes on another Hi8 camcorder and they played well and a tape recorded on that cam played like crap on mine. So I guess recording is not affected.

    In the tech service they tried cleaning the head but it didn't work, they told me the headdrum was screwed and I need to replace it. I will try another tech service for a second opinion but I don't expect much.

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    Get all hat you can into the PC and get yourself a DV camera, 7 years have done a lot to cameras...

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    Yea - uneconomic repair - 50 to 100 quid on e bay will get you a dv camera that will rinse that old hi8.

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