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Thread: Euro-IX Film competition 25.000 1st prize!!

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    Post Euro-IX Film competition 25.000 1st prize!!


    Several Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in Europe that are members of Euro-IX have taken the initiative to organise a film-competition in an effort to clearly tell the story of 'How the Internet (core -infrastructure) works' from an end-user to end-user perspective. This story should be designed for the widest audience possible and should be careful to deliver the message of 'What an IXP is!' and 'What is peering'.

    The competition:

    The competition will have two stages:

    1. All contestants will pitch their ideas to the film-committee. The format of your pitch is totally up to you, it could be story-boards, a trailer, a video of the pitch, whatever you think is the most efficient and effective way of convincing us!
    2. 10 contestants will be chosen to take part in the final where you will be asked to develop the full film.

    One of the fully developed films will be chosen as the winner, however second and third prizes will also be awarded.

    Oh yeah, prizes!:

    The first prize will be EUR 25.000, the second prize EUR 5.000 and the third EUR 2.000!

    Who can compete?:

    The film competition is open to all who are willing to participate. More than one film submission is permissible.


    The judging will be done by a panel of Euro-IX affilaited IXP representatives. The winner will be the submission that tells the story of "what IXP is" the best and most clearly, no matter how this is done! If you can get the message across, we can transfer the prize money to you.


    Registration for First round submissions will be accepted up until 9th of February 2009. Please inform us of your intention to compete in the competition by filling in this form. Once you submit your intention to compete we will provide you with further instructions on submitting your first round submission to the judging panel.

    For more information please consult
    Further questions:
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    Forgive my skepitcism - it is born of expirience... Is your competition free to enter?

    I note you are trumpeting the prizes but sadly recently we have had many new posters plugging thier competitions and appearing to use them merely as a vehicle to gather lucrative registration chgrges.

    My view and the view of many forum users is that this is a con.
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    I assure you that this film competition is not a con. To answer your other question it is indeed free to apply.

    If you have any doubts i advise you contact the organizer of the competition:
    Mr. Serge Radovcic at :

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    Thanks for that reassurance. Free to apply and free to enter a film then ?

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    Yes free to apply and submit your work. More than one submission per participant is allowed.

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    Deadline for registration extended up until 9th of February 2009!

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