Not sure if this is the right place to post this...
I'm not too familiar on the terms that are important to video cameras, I just know raw megapixels definitly isn't one of them :p
I need a Video Camera that's capable of recording fencing bouts, for thsoe of you who don't know what fencing is, it's a face paced sport involving lightweight swords and a lot of motion. I know a camcorder capapble of capturing hundreds of fps per seconds will cost 100's of thousands of pounds, heh so I'm looking for somthign in the 7-800 pound range.

I guess the features I'm looking for are...
Capability to drop quality and increase the frame rate recorded (so I can do some level of slow-down later (50% slowdown?).
High Def..
HDD Storage & also hopefully Flash Storage

The camera will be panning from left to right to left to right..... A LOT, so I guess I'll need a good tri-pod to keep it steady on the plane and a good zoom control.

I guess the camera's I have seen so far that look like that fit the bill are he sony sr11e & sr12e, but I'm very unsure on if the specs are what I'm looking for..

Thanks for your help!