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    Default Tv Stick - EZ Grabber

    Hi, new on here and not sure if this is the right place to post, so apologies up front if needed.

    Any way new to the video editing scene and only make videos for family parties etc using Windows Movie Maker.

    I have a lot of Home video which i want to put on to DVD and have bought a EZ Grabber USB Stick which you connect to your VID Player and then download to PC. However the instructions for this are for me non existent. I have tried the basic instructions that came with the stick, but i am getting nothing at all, just a blck screen.

    Does any one have any experience using this and if so could they pass on some knowledge of how it actually works and how to set it up.

    If any one has a proper User Manual (PDF) that they could forward to me i would be very grateful.

    I have tried to down load the manual from the makers site, but with no luck. I have e mailed them (there support line) but after 2 weeks, i have not even had an automated response.

    The software that came with the USB Stick was U Lead, but several people have told me that its not that good.. Could you tell me wahts it like for a rank amateur just starting out
    Many thanks in advance

    Jim (Sandancer)

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    I don't know the company that makes this product but try

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    Thankyou, i will check it out.
    The EZ Grabber is made by . They habe a manual on there but the links dont work. Still awaiting reply from them.
    Obliged for the info
    Jim (Sandancer)

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    I would get a refund - you shouldnt have to go to all this hassle ot get it working.

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    you have to laugh.
    It was only 20, and i will get it working. I see it as a learning process.
    While I am on, gonna get a good HD Video Camera, approx. 500 -750, any one point me in the right direction. Looked at a few but would value some advice from some people who actually use and have some experience of them
    Thanks again in advance
    Jim (sandancer)

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