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Thread: New Audio and Gaming Speaker System Survey

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    Question New Audio and Gaming Speaker System Survey


    I am currently a final year Product Design student at Derby University and am currently involved in designing a new speaker/headphone system for my final year degree project. I am currently in the research and market research stage of the project and was hoping to enlist some people to fill out a quick and painless questionnaire to aid me with my design and research.

    My product idea is a new and unique personal audio system it is primarily a 2.0/2.1 speaker system that runs just like any other but has a inbuilt headphone dock. The dock is situated in one of the speakers and acts as a recharging station as well as a transmitter for the Bluetooth headphones. The system works that if the headphones are attached the speakers act as normal speakers would, but once removed the headphones are then activated and become the output device for the audio. This product gives in summary a two in one option which allows the user to have both speakers and headphones at there disposal and allows for easy use.

    Please could i ask you to spend a couple of minutes filling out and completing my survey:

    Thanks for your time and help.

    Regards A

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    Hello man that's good i am to glad to know your interest in your technology take hard work and keep your focus on your work you must be performed best.

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    Yea -er -er and eat brown bread too.

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