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Thread: Encoding for youtube with high unpredictability

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    Default Encoding for youtube with high unpredictability


    im currently trying to encode a video to youtube but having some issues with it.
    the video uses an overlay to give an old projecter type effect to it which dust marks, vertical lines and flicker. However the problem im having is that this overlay causes such massive unpredictability in the video that its getting squashed to oblivion by youtubes compression and all i have is a loas of macro blocks that show absolutley nothing.

    YouTube - It began in Manchester...

    ive compressed it to the youtube preset on H.264 which yielded the above results. I then tried increasing the profile to high and considerably upping the ideal bitrate to around 5. its till not producing any kind of clarity however.

    obviously i know youtube will tear a chunk out of this video no matter what but short of hosting it myself as a high bitrate flv (i dont own any webspace so this is very much a last resort) im not entirely sure how to get this uploaded in a high enough quality to see whats going on with it.

    Does anybody know a way i can encode this to get this uploaded in a way thats even slightly worth my effort? pref to YT but any other free site which allows you to embed the track on webpages would do (if i have to pay ill just go down the webspace route).

    i havent tried uploading the .avi file yet, as ive already done two attempts and wanted to ask around before i went through it again.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    The video viewer on this page looks fine, strangely enough. if you view it on the actual YT page its awful. This raises yet another question....

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    A video like that will never work when streaming low, but watching after selecting the high option and it is fine.

    I appreciate you have added the look and fx you want but unfortunately those are the same things that garuntee a poor showing on the tube.

    Tips for a good you tube stream:

    1. High contrast and sat in post - your is low.
    2. Avoid use of flicker / noise as it soaks up avaialble band width - you use lots.
    3. A steady camera with little movement - yours is shakey and h held - again this saoks up the small b width.

    Any ' busyness ' in a video is what provokes the blockiness we so often see in you tube videos - but at least the hi option has made this bearable.

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    When you talk about watching it in low or high streaming, do you mean theres a way of setting the video to stream at a higher bit rate? And if so is that something i can set for all views or is it just something the viewer has to set? I can see its coming at a much higher rate on the embedded player but can i make the yt page itself work at the same rate?

    I understand a fair bit about compression, so i can see why its failing so miserably, but i dont think i appreciated just how awful it would look when i hammered it with flicker and noise. You live and learn.

    Thanks for the reply anyway, sorry for following it up with another barrage of questions.

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    Yea - flicker and noise are the major quality killers.

    It is really annoying the way they have implimented the high option. Seems to me that it doesnt appear the first time you look at a page but only after you refreash it - not sure how it treats embeds.

    TBH I find myself prompting people to refreash to get the hi option and that is silly.

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    I upped the contrast, got rid of the projector overlay and voila - it works. Wasnt quite as good looking as it was originally, but obviously gotta make a few sacrifices if i want it to actually be viewable.

    Cheers for the help!

    [ame=]YouTube - It began in Manchester...[/ame]

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