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Thread: Sennheiser G2 set up on pd150

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    Default Sennheiser G2 set up on pd150

    I got my first wedding shoot tomorrow and I only just got my new radio mic.

    I need to make sure I got all the settings right please.

    At this time I'm trying to figure out how to mount the reciever on the pd150.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Stick it anywhere it'll go. Got a shoe adaptor? That is the usual place, but last time i used a reciever I just gaffa taped it to my battery.

    I hope for your sake this isnt a commercial job - if it is all I can say is you had better spend the next few hours usung the kit and checking results....

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    My me66 failed on me today. The G2 went ok but I can't get the plug-in transmitter to work.
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    Looks like a case for plastering everything with music then . . . and hope no-one notices there's no live audio
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    Sounds like you forgot to turn the 48v phantom on, or didn't switch the K6 unit to run off the AA battery.

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    My me66 cable is damaged and I need a replacement. Can you recommend a good dealer?
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