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    ActionBacks Releases 40 new Network Style Animations

    Racine, WI, November 2008 Suite Imagery, LLC has announced the release of 2 new volumes in the Network Motion series of royalty free animations. Network Motion 7 & 8 each contain 20 seamlessly looping motion backgrounds for multimedia producers and editors. The animated graphics offer a high technology themed collection that can be quickly used in non linear video editing softwares, without any altering or converting. The backgrounds are useful for enhancing video titles, logos, photos and video montages.

    These 40 new video backgrounds are available in High Definition, NTSC and PAL formats. Both volumes are now available for download from the website for $79 per volume, or even less as part of a bundle.

    Both volumes have also been added to the ActionBacks Unlimited Hard Drive offer that contains all 52 volumes of ActionBacks for only $599. Owners of other ActionBacks volumes also qualify for further discounts on this complete collection bundle, which is shipped on a portable 320GB hard drive. More information on these products can be seen at the ActionBacks Website: Video Backgrounds for video editing software and overlays, transitions.

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    Default ActionBacks Makes Hi Def Animations Downloadable

    Racine, WI, November 2008 Suite Imagery, LLC has updated the pricing on their growing ActionBacks Animation Library. Now, all volumes are available for download for $49.95 per volume. There are still DVD and Hard Drive options available, including the ActionBacks Unlimited Drive, which includes all 52 volumes for $599.95. Additionally, ActionBacks has made all their High Definition royalty free animations available for download from their website for the same price of $49.95 per volume.

    Out of the 52 volumes in the ActionBacks Animation Library, 14 volumes are available in HD. The HD volumes include: Countdowns 1, Global Motion 1 3, Holiday Motion 1, Nature's Motion 5 7, Network Motion 5 8, Sports Motion 2 and Wedding Motion 7. Currently, there are several new volumes in production, and will be adding to the HD video backgrounds and overlays over the next month. All animations are available at Video Backgrounds for video editing software and overlays, transitions, or at any ActionBacks reseller.

    Suite Imagery, LLC
    Racine, WI USA


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