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    Default London Trip

    This is one of my first videos. I just did it for fun because I liked using Windows Movie Maker at the time. This video actually got me recognised in school and I'm doing a major project which I mentioned in another thread. Anyway here's the video.

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    ( made link work)

    Madm - no need to post anything clever - just dump the tube url, no html needed, and the forum s ware does the rest.

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    Cool Wmm

    I still use WMM along with another more sophisticated program. Good job with syncing the music to the cuts. I know how long that can take.
    Nice embarrassing part at the end for the young lad. Blackmail material I suppose is always welcome in healthy sibling relationships. I view it as more of an inside joke and to those on the out side, well they might not get it.
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