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Thread: Pickled Eggs - Part Two

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    Default Pickled Eggs - Part Two

    Following on from part one - I've tweaked this down slightly after comments about the first part being too long, and I've tried to give it a slightly more episodic 'youtubey' feel rather than just chopping the film into slabs.

    YouTube - Pickled Eggs - Part Two: 'Revenge'

    I still think the stuff with the 'tramp' goes on too long if I'm honest (hit kind of a wall editing it down due to how it was shot) and I'm, er... unsure about the slightly ye olde night-time effect.

    This section does however boast a man in a dustbin covered in lard, and title graphics which on reflection make us look like sex-offenders someone's cut out of a newspaper!

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    I genuinley enjoyed watching that - worked really well.

    Great characters, great script, good cinemaphotograpy, a very cohesive feel to it - clearly you have done what people normally fail to do - a tonne of work befor anything was shot. You guys really know how to use the medium of video well. Great use of music and overall great construction and editing.

    The night shots worked fine.

    Good films get more criticism from me so bear that in mind as I sharpen up the knives and start stabbing....

    1. Sound, jarred in a few places as the weakest thing in a few shots - esp some of the inside scenes. Needed closer micing.

    2. The ' colouring ' - maybe a subjective point that aint that simple but as it's comedy i would try jazzing up the look a bit so it is a bit more punchy. But I only saw a low q version on you tube.

    3. Tramp - good gag - but as he is ( i assume ) just a throw away gag I would agree - too much screen time - appreciate the work for that but it'll work better as a gag if it is really sharp and snappy and wont mislead people that he is in the plot.

    Thats all for now - going to watch again later and maybe post some more - it really was good and deserves more criticism I think.

    I really liked some of the lines too - the unemployed setting on the chair - lols. Stars.

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    Thanks fella!

    Bear with us on the tramp - he is part of the plot (honest!) but he doesn't reappear for a couple of segments. I was quite concerned that within the context of a standalone youtube clip he does take up a disproportionate chunk of screentime though, so thanks for sticking with it.

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    If he reappears I would leave as is.

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