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Thread: ThinkSwitch Company Reel 2008

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    Default ThinkSwitch Company Reel 2008

    Hello all - ThinkSwitch Productions is a brand new company in S. Cal. I've been an editor for 15 years and I decided to become a producer because of all the moaning and groaning I did about other producers I was editing for. Time to put my money where my mouth is.

    ThinkSwitch Productions Company Reel 2008

    How Did I Get Here?
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    Very slick!

    I see you learn at the feet of Mr Kramer too!

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    Haha - Yes, of course, my roommate who also tides off of him has made quite a splash in Hollywood because of him. All I ask is that my motion graphics guys build it from scratch Thanks for you comment.

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    HA!!!! How could I possibly offer any critical assessment on this PROFESSIONALLY edited film? Something seems to be back wards here. I think You've finally mastered the art of video editing a long time ago in a Galaxy not so far away....(HOLLYWOOD!!!!!) If any thing I should be seeking YOUR critical assessment on my films. But here you are on this forum to have your work subject to constructive criticism. lol, so shall I?
    1:your timing is impeccable
    2:your shots are clean
    3:your transitions are smooth
    4:your audio track is crisp and clear
    and to top it all of, I have nothing to add other than sarcasm to cover up my envy. So I shall go back to my YouTube channel now and admire my own substandard works of art and try to breath some life back into my ego which you have successfully deflated. Not that you did it on purpose but I was under the impression that this forum only had novices and experienced hobbyists. That's what I get for making that assumption. Anyways, Good Job and I hope your new business does well for you. (don't forget the Little people)

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    Slick - liked the music - but i have to say it almost gave me culture shock - I am just too british sometimes...

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