Any help would be greatly appreciated concerning the following: I have a heavily edited video montage that I have saved as a project in Pinncale 11.1. It includes approx. (30) 1 minute video scenes imported from various home ripped DVD's. I am using the standard cross-fades in Pinnacle to segway from clip to clip. I am getting slight popping/droput in the audio when these cross fades begin and complete the merging of my video clips. I have tried varying the length of the cross-fades from 1-3 seconds, but that has not helped. Is there a way to maniputate the audio "crossing" within the actual fade inserts? It does not appear Pinnacle allows that cross audio feature to be manipulated. I am not using any special features such as video/audio enhancement, title inserts, etc. that could be interfering - I am just trying to cross-fade imported video content. Thanks in advance!!