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Thread: What was the last thing you filmed

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    Default What was the last thing you filmed

    I was sitting here thinking about what I could do to improve the forums whilst putting together a sample wedding dvd (don't cringe), and I thought (I multitask you see), 'I can't remember the last thing I filmed'.

    I really feel like grabbing my cam, recording 'shite' and mucking around with Premiere.... what was the last thing you filmed, why, and did you actually end up with a finished project (and share it with us you selfish "$!s)

    Give me some inspiration. And Mike, please no more skateboard weddings

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    BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM big wet doggy BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM big wet doggy BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM big wet doggy BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM big wet doggy

    To, erm, coin a phrase.

    First came up with the idea when I was testing a bluescreen experiment. Just bought some fabric, so I thought i'd stand in front of the screen intending to add another scene to the background. So I started dancing wildly. Fortunately for me, I did not capture the dancing part, for fear of becoming the slightly older version of Star Wars Kid.

    After doing it, I thought "I should have put a mask on and done it".

    So, I went to stop at a friend's house. He has a rather large dog called Meg. He took a photo of her face, printed it out and we stuck the masks to our faces with double sided sellotape, and after hanging a large length of blue fabric down, and pointing various lights (table lamps, natural sunlight and a couple of inspection lamps), we set the camera off recording and just leapt up and down in front of it. For a long time.

    We videoed Meg doing various different doggy things, and also went out to a couple of other places.

    I then asked various people on various messageboards to send me photos and videos of their dogs. People did so.

    I then imported it all in, banged it together, spent about 15 minutes doing the "tune", and that, as they say, is that.

    The story of BigWetDoggy.

    Oh, and thanks to it being listed in the weekly newsletter from, the video was downloaded over 19,000 times last month.


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    Last thing i filmed would have been behind the scenes stuff from a short we made a few months ago. It's not finished, but then we're skint. Anyone wanna give us a few grand?

    My footage is all on DV (they wouldn't let me near the super-16) and nope, i ain't edited it yet. Some of it's still on DV tapes, in fact. One day i'll xfer it across, but i really ain't in the mood to sift just now. I'll wait until i have hours and hours before i start. :S

    Once the short's finished though, and we get a copy on a format i can use, you'll see it.

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    Just realised, that wasn't the last thing I filmed. Duh. What I did film was a secret (to most people ) but let's just say it involved weston super mare pier and a friend of mine dressed up as an old man.


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    Just remembered. The last thing I filmed was the back of my head after a particulary boring Sunday afternoon culminated in me shaving my hair with beard trimmers. I subsequently found out just how hairy my back is. Very.


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