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Thread: Best setting for non HD dVD PLAYER

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    Default Best setting for non HD dVD PLAYER

    A quick question
    out of which SETTING I will get better quality

    Canon HV20 + Hdv + 24p + burned on DVD + Played on Non High definition DVD player
    Canon HV20 + DV + burned on DVD + Played on Non High definition DVD player

    Ofcourse with second option I will be loosing "Movie effect"
    Please let me know which option will be fine
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    Sorry. Not really sure what you're geting at here. A DVD is ALWAYS standard def. You cannot put HDV on it. Your HDV footage, if that's what you shoot, will have to be reduced down to SD size before you can make a DVD of it.

    If it helps though, I always shoot HDV (cos it;s the best images I can get from my equipment) and then always edit in HDV. At the very last step I downsize to SD for DVD production. This give me a better picture (in my opinion from teh tests I made early on) than capturing the footage in SD and editting in SD. Plus I then have the option later on of exporting out an HDV version from the same timeline for blu-ray production when I get going with that.

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