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Thread: First Project - Question/Information

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    Question First Project - Question/Information

    Hi ALL

    Recently I have completed my complete life cycle of video editing (shooting-capturing-editing-DVD) I want to share my things and want some information

    Little bit abt Project - Using Canon HV20 and using AP Pro 2.0 for editing

    I have shooted a small presentation of song sung by three people. They were sitting on a flat platform while singing.

    Outcome of footage

    1. I found that there were not much light in the room so found some dark patches in the video
    --- Found solution either to use increase brightness/contrast or
    second option is to use omni effect where I can put light on whole video
    Please tell me which method will be right without effecting picture quality or let me know if some other options ar available or do you reckon that I should shoot again.

    2.While burning DVD using 23.9 fps I got "Plugin Coder error: no plugin DLL's"
    then I changed into 29.9 fps drop frame and chose "Iso" - It worked fine and then I used Nero to burn. No doubt it worked but did I missed anything or why the error was ther at first place.Is this right way or do I have make some changes in setting. Also I found that there was only one file "Video_TS" no Audio but the burnt DVD was running fine on the DVD player.

    3. I am in australia and I Use "PAL" setting with HDV 24P while shooting But after I played my HD video on DVD player (which is not HD) the picture quality was not as sharp as it was on PC after capturing video on Hard drive. I am thinking of possible reason

    either the reason can be my DVD player is decreasing my picture qulaity as it is not HD
    or when I burnt the dvd I didnt changed the option to PAL as by default there was "NTFS".

    Please pour in ur valuable suggestion

    Thanking you in anticipation

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    1. Shoot again unless the adjustments are slight - ALWAYS aim to get things right when you shoot.

    2. I dont use nero. cant help.

    3. Kinda obvious if you think about it..... you answered that one yourself. ANd if you want the dvd to be PAL then PAL is claerly the right setting...
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