Please can you help me solve my problem with getting the video from my Sharp VL-Z500 to Flash ready for the web.

The process I am trying at the moment is to transfer the footage from my Sharp VL-Z500 to Windows Movie Maker on my laptop running Windows Vista Ultimate.

I then take the recorded footage into Premiere Pro 1.5 add titles at beginning and end then export final project (I've tried various formats including Quicktime as well as various frame rates 12, 15 and same as source).

I then encode the final result using the Adobe Flash CS3 Video Encoder (again tried various formats).

For the life of me I can't the the simple 1 minute FLV to play back without stalling (usually in first few seconds or around seven seconds).

I am aware there are a few such queries on the web recently regarding Flash playback and I have tried uninstalling Flash player and reinstalling version 10 and disabling FF plugins but think it may also have something to do with possibly being a newbie to Premier 1.5 Pro.

The irony is I recently put up a 17 minute video on my website and it will play no problem but I cannot get a simple 1 minute flash video to play.

Please can you offer advice be it my capture skills, Premiere 1.5 Pro skills or Flash Encoding skills.

Thanks in advance.