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Thread: help with shaky picture

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    Default help with shaky picture

    hi there, i am a newbie and having major problems rendering to dvd
    I would like to know the best setting to export movie in premier

    each time i do it, the dvd when plays shakes when ever the camera movres a bit
    it didnt do this when i was making it :(
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    try changing your interlace settings.

    Marc: can you sticky/pin/guide something about interlacing/de interlacing/progressive scan?
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    can you sticky/pin/guide something about interlacing/de interlacing/progressive scan?
    I think there's a bit in the sticky FAQ in general problems. I'll add it to the list of 'forum chores'. And no, I haven't forgotten about the second part of the video wall tutorial that I should have done 2 weekends ago.
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    Default A problem when I burn a video to DVD

    Sorry for this reply, I start a new thread.
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