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Thread: problems with abobe 6.5

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    Default problems with abobe 6.5

    pff, I gor real problems.

    I export my movie as an avi with Divx compression.
    but then all the effects are mucked up.
    with mpg and mpg2 they dont work either. like there is a bug in it or something.

    and how does the windows 8 encoder work, I tried to type the command in dos but..
    wm8eutil -input myvideo.avi -output myvideo-v32.wmv -profile v32

    don't work

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    Either download a GUI or download the updated Windows Media Encoder 9 from the MS website.

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    pff, ey mark

    I think I figured out the main problem.

    I added those quicktime sepia effects, and I think the codecs don't support it, cause I got view with real small horizontal lines instead where I should see the effects.
    I allready checked "ignore effects" and tried all sorts of compression.

    I also recorded 16:9 wide. then what reso should? and how do I know if I got ntsc or pal

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