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Thread: Sony HD Camera to Vegas 8

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    Exclamation Sony HD Camera to Vegas 8

    Hello! I just recently bought a new Sony DCR-SR45 Hi Def Camera. Its a really nice camera, and it displays nice on SD TVs. But when I import video clips to my computer via its picture motion browser, it wont preview in its default program player, and it plays in Windows media player, but the sound is all very distorted. When i convert it to a WMV it fixes the distortion problem. But there is also some kind of blur or line effecting the video. I dont know if it is a setting on my camera or Vegas 8. But i been using Vegas scince Vegas 3 so Im not new to this stuff. Never had this kind of issue before. Here is a screen Shot of Windows Media player playing a file that has not been converted to WMV, its a MPEG Video Format shot in Standard Definition. (attached file) you can see where and what I am talking about. And it gets worse when someone or somthing is moving (Zooming in, Zooming out). At first i thought it was cause i was recording in HD that my monitor cannot display a HD video correctly cause its not a HD monitor, but then i swiched my settings on my camera to Standard Quality and dose the same thing, there are the lines where ever somthing moves. I rendered in HD in vegas and still didnot fix the problem. Any clue on what this is?
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    That's interlaced jaggies.
    You're probably recording in 50i.
    Interlaced is what you need for television, pc and web based is better in progressive.

    Just drag the footage into vegas, set the project preferences the same as the source, (probably 1440x1080, interlaced, upperfield first), then render mpeg-2, widescreen pal, make sure the audio tab is ticked.
    Rendering audio seperatly is the correct way to do it but just render together for now, burn dvd with architect and check the dvd on a tv.
    Try that for now.


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