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Thread: Keeps getting the blue screen ...

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    Default Keeps getting the blue screen ...

    Lately I'm unable to play any of my videos ...

    Every time I double click on a video file, my windows media player would open and the video would pause for about 1 to 2 sec and my pc would show me a blue screen and automatically restart.

    I have not installed any new hardware since.

    I have tried installing even the latest K-Lite 425fCodecs (Which I do not have a clue whether it'll help) ..

    Anyone can help?


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    Not a codec problem but likely to be a serious soft or hardware issue - will likely need expert attnetion.

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    I agree with Mark as I had this same Blue Screen of Death appear with the messageyou show I did go to the Microsoft Site using the Technical Info : Stop: etc to try and troubleshoot the problem, but I can't recall what it was, sorry.

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    I got that screen aswell and as far as I can remember it was after I put a second hard disk into a computer I had about 18 months ago, the finer details of what happened escape me know. I think the second hard disk wasn't connected properly to the IDE or SATA cable and caused a hardware conflict. But as you say you haven't installed any hardware so I don't know what it is. Do you have two hard disks in your computer or did you change the settings in the BIOS recently?

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