OK, my last batman video got slammed in here, but deservedly so, and I will try to learn from it.

Latest video:

If anyone wants to answer a few requests for suggestions, I would appreciate it, even though this is just a goofy hobby a group of us has. First off, let me explain our workflow for these videos.

1. Batman (who has one of the worst voices on the planet) picks a song he wants to sing, we play it through his headphones, and record the session. In this case, he was trying to sing "What It Takes" by Aerosmith.
2. We take the audio and turn it into a completely different song, usually slowing down his vocals and this time using a filter to bring him into key. The background music is original. The footage shown of the band in the video was seconds before the loop in the song was recorded. Someone bumped the camera at that point, so we couldn't match the actual footage to the loop.
3. We sync the video of batman singing to the new song and put it together.

I use PPro and AE CS3 in post. I'm just wondering if there's a better transition to use than dissolve for this. Because we're chopping up the lyrics so much and moving them around, I don't know what other transition to use. For the band parts, I used ghosting and similar effects to draw attention away from the music not being synced. Any other suggestions are welcome. Thank you if you choose to watch it.