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    Hi there everybody, I am new in this forum and video editing also. I recently could get my hands on video clips of my daughter childhood, those clips are treasures for me and seems I can't get it to work. My idea is copy part of the clips and make a short movie, add also pictures and animations. When I try to use premiere I get an error with the files. The files are in mpg format, and this is weird, if I play it in windows media player, the properties shows 384x288 but if I open it with premiere shows 352x288. The video codec in windows player shows intervideo video codec and the audio codec shows nero digital audio decoder. either windows media or premiere shows 30 fps. I tried virtualdub and other editing tools but none seems to recognize the codecs. In virtual dub when i try to open one of the clips says "no video frames found in mpeg file"
    I tried also in premiere to render as a new movie but there is a change on fps, the clip shows like there are frames missing. Could somebody help me with this? thank you.

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    I'm not sure Premiere is happy with MPEG files, is it? Isn't its natural preference AVI?
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