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Thread: Imported Film, Close, Open & Then It's Gone.

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    Default Imported Film, Close, Open & Then It's Gone.

    Okay, so I use WMM as a basis software for my video editing - overall, I use Sony Vegas.

    Anyway, I have all my imported clips in WMM from The Worst Witch to Driving Lessons, Ballet Shoes to All the Harry Potter films and lots more.

    So I go to import High School Musical 1, it imports, shows up, everything is fine.
    So I close the program, do something else then later want to use the clips so I open it up and it's gone, it's not there yet everything else is.

    I've done this TWICE now, once yesterday and once today.

    The file type is .avi so it can't be that.

    I basically want to know why it's gone and how I can get it to stay there.

    Please, please help if you can, it'll be appreciated.

    I have XP.

    (By the way, I really hope this is the right place, if not i'm really sorry...)
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