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    Smile Music Video

    Hello everyone! This is a early video we shot for the rapper Zuby. We filmed it over 2 days in sunny Bournemouth, press ganging lots of people to appear as extras. Would be interested to hear your thoughts.

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    Good to see it being used for something hip, cool, down with the kids or whatever it is you say these days.

    The alley you were shooting in is next to ice rink I worked in as a teenager, too many years ago (shut down about 20 yrs ago "scary")

    The video is a good piece, though personally I have never been a fan of the blown out look. Zuby looks very relaxed which always makes things easier.

    Though it looked a bit dated and the youtube compression probably didn't help that, I thought Zuby was engaging the viewer very well in the sections on the bed when he was leaning forward to the camera, if that had carried through a bit more to the street shots it would have been an good improvement without any added technical difficulty.
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    Thanks for the feedback! I think every short film / music video shot in Bournemouth ends up in that alleyway at some point!

    It was a tough video to make due to a very limited amount of time to capture multiple locations and shots. Plus I was incredibly ill as well and should have been at home in bed!

    Zuby was a natural in front of the camera which makes things so much easier. There are elements that I like about it but quite a few things I would change. Could have also done with the glidecam, that I now own, for a lot of the shots.

    Our second video for Zuby was much better. Check it out here.
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    Thumbs up

    Not my thing at all, HOWEVER: I can appreciate the attention to detail in the way you cut on the beet alternating between the 3 and 4 counts, and then you'll throw in a 5 count beat cut when the music and video calls for it. Right on Que! I also can appreciate the visual telling of the story with the wardrobe changes. And tyeing the intro in to the ending with the letterbox slow zoom, Classic. Good Job

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    Thanks for the feedback rgander1!
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