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    How can I create binocular shot in adobe premier pro cs3?

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    If you mean 'binocular shot' as in it being like looking through a pair of binoculars on screen you could try drawing out the shape in the title window and them dropping the title over the top of the footage.

    Therefore you'd need to:

    A - film the intended footage with the subject of the footage in the centre where it would be if you where to look at it through binoculars, so perhaps zoomed out a little more than normal.

    B - draw the title so its a black solid all around the outside, so that only the footage in the middle is revealed through.

    Or you could create a mask to the same effect

    Thats how i'd do it, I hope what i've just written makes sense...

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    Why is it always 2 overlapping circles in films? In reality properly adjusted binos have a round field...

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    Yup, a classic case of artistic licence. Proabably most people have never looked through a pair, so I guess it's based on what film makers think someone would expect to see. When I was a kid I had a Saturday job in a camera shop, sometimes people were actually disapointed that bino's they were trying didn't have that figure 8 view.

    I have definitely seen a movie or two where people have got it right though.

    So I guess it's making a mask of your choice shape in a bitmap editor with a transparent apeture, plus I'd be looking at fuzzing the edges of the hole a bit to add to the realism. 'edge feather' on your cutout would do that for you, or maybe just a blur in the video editor.

    EDIT: Actually thinking about it, maybe a green screen approach would be easier??
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    Just had a fiddle with the green screen idea. Never used it before, so hey ho.

    Found it real easy, just draw your green screen mask (I used gaussian blur to fuzz the edges), bring into premier above your base footage, and tweak the setting on the green screen key until it looked ok, job done.

    My video editing comp is being moved so I've used this one and footage to hand, first go with my home made DOF is the scene being viewed. I'm sure with some more time spent it'll give you want you want real easy. There may be a better way of course, but it was fun doing this at least .

    Bino Test, 1.3mb .wmv

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    more lately i find that a better effect is not to add a mask like this at all but to just use normal footage and do the follwoing...

    tint it to adjust gamma slightly to give a slightly different look and then just overlay some of those rangefinder animations and cross hairs and crap. Looks high tech too. Alos add a slight blur arounsd the edges if only to draw the viewer's attention to what's happening in the middle.

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