Alright, so I was hoping I could get some help here on connecting any window of my PC Screen or the entire PC Screen for that matter to my TV. Maybe using my TV as a secondary monitor or using a program to capture a certain part of my screen and to then output to my TV.

I have a Pinnacle Moviebox which has an input and output spot for both RCA and S-Video cables. I've had it for about 2 years now and haven't actually figured out how to make the output work until yesterday. The Pinnacle Moviebox came with the program, "Pinnacle Studio 10" but for some reason I'm having a major issue with it where everytime I try to open any video in Pinnacle it will say "Error opening video file". I tried using a patch to fix it but had no luck.

So anyway, I did get the output working to my TV yesterday, which came to a shock to me as I never thought I'd ever get it working. I opened up a program called AVID Liquid 7 and configured the output's to my Moviebox until I finally saw the video playing on my TV, but it was in Black/White and the video playing in Avid was lagging a ton, it went from 25FPS to about 2-3FPS, and it'd eventually just freeze on the video while the audio would still play. So I was relieved that it was actually possible to make the output work on my TV, but was hoping I could get a recommendation of another program that would let me output my entire PC screen (or any part of it) to a device such as my TV since Avid lagged a ton on every video it played and ended up being in Black/White on my TV.

I tried doing a secondary monitor display on Sony Vegas 7 and Adobe Premiere, but had no luck at all. I also have versions 7 and 9 of Pinnacle Studio, but both are trials which expired months ago. I can't find a working crack for either anyway. I might just go ahead and try getting the latest version of Pinnacle which is version 12, but it's about 2GB's on most sites so I'll only use that as my last resort since I hate downloading huge programs.

Any help would be great, this is driving me insane. I'm assuming I'll need to get a Screen Capture program that can output whatever it's capturing to a secondary monitor or device.