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Thread: best settings for a "Screenshot"

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    Default best settings for a "Screenshot"


    I recently completed a documentary where I took a screenshot from my computer of a webpage then saved it as an image and imported into Premier.

    I used a vertical scroll to the viewer can read all teh page but it comes up very hard to read.

    Does anyone know how to do this properly. I heard it is something to do with interlacing?


    Adobe CS3

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    I'm guessing, but there's a lot of things can can degrade a screenshot image, try ticking the 'deinterlace' box in your render settigs if it's available, might work, not sure.

    But, I'd also right click on the video in the timeline and un-check frame blending, that may not be helping either.

    Try a small video section render with each method, that'll reveal which is working.

    Do you have a sample we can look at?

    I'll have a play now and see what comes up.

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    Right, I've done this:

    Screenshot this page on full screen (F11 to remove toolbars etc)
    Pasted into a bitmap editor and saved as .bmp
    Imported into CS3 using an HDV 1080 50i project setting.
    Zoomed to screen width (could be potential for loss here)
    Using key frames adjusted the vertical position to a suitable start and end postion
    Decreased speed to 25% to slow the scroll.
    Rendered as H264 qualty level 4 at 720 high.

    Result, fine, naturally the zooming is showing the pixellation, which is a result of looking at what is actually not a brilliant image because it's a screenshot.

    How to improve?

    Same settings as above, but in this trial I dropped brightness to -26, upped contrast to 121, and increased sharpness to 30. This was deemed necessary becasue the text here is grey, so it needs some tweaking to get the definition back after zooming.

    On my machine this all looks ok, I'll upload the file to vimeo so you can see it, and see if it's what your'e looking for.

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    It is common to get poor results when importing svreen grabs with lots of contrasty text. Video compression algorithms often get freaked by the hard edges and high sats.

    Jpegs especially are bad but I see you used a bitmap so that is best.

    Deint was my next suggestion like Jerry says.

    If you render to a less compressed form, a higher bit rate - that may help - or perhaps try compressing a different way - render to a wmv maybe.

    Screen shots work way better if you set the desk top when grabbing to something close to the res of the edit - and then avoid any cropping or zoomiing - leave at native res as far as poss.

    Thats all i can suggest.

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    The Vimeo one is up. Now, looking at it in 'HD' it's tolerable, 'HD off' less so. But nonetheless it's a step. Following the compression the original is probably better tbh.

    As Mark says the main thing is to try and reduce the amount of tweaking needed. A way to achieve that might be to use the zoom settings in your browser. In IE7 for instance: Page/Zoom/150% gives this:

    Where a standard zoom shot looks like this when it's zoomed in post:

    Interesting stuff.

    This Vimeo version shows excessive zooming, I've another one with full page if needed.

    Of course yours will be presented without this sort of compression, so will be a lot better. Tbh looking at teh rendered file in Quicktime I'd say it's absolutely fine.
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