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Thread: HELP! capture thru firewire impossible!

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    Default HELP! capture thru firewire impossible!

    1. The problem
    Okay, here's my problem... When I want to capture video from my Sony TRV17 camera thru firewire, Windows XP seems to detect it (loads up the automatic window) but when i try to actually capture anything with Vegas (or any other program for that matter) it DOES NOT RECOGNIZE the camera! Ive tried other capture programs (MainConcept, Windows MovieMaker) and the same problem occurs.

    2. Microsoft's solution?;en-us;318684
    This message from microsoft describes EXACTLY what my problem seems to be. In device manager the camera is listed in

    Imaging device / Sony DV Camcorder #2

    But theyre saying they solved this problem and the hotfix is included in SP2 wich I have already installed!

    3. Firewire card?
    I have read some posts of folks having the same problem with a pci firewire card, XP, and a Sony camera. The problem was the firewire card (dlink) and it was replaced and worked fine afterwards. My motherboard is the ASUS A8V deluxe wich has 2 firewire ports onboard (1 front, 1 back) and both seems to be working fine in the "device manager"!

    I have installed a PCI OrangeLink Firewire card with the latest drivers and the exact same problem occurs.

    I tried another firewire cable , no luck.

    I have no other firewire devices (no external hD) except this camera.

    4. It worked fine last week!

    Capture worked a week ago - Software?

    Last week, I have tried out several mpeg encoders, video converter, while MainConcept was still installed. Premiere Pro 1.0 was also installed. The latest program i wouldve installed would be AVS Video Converter. When my problem occured, i uninstalled Premiere, AVS Video Converter and reinstalled AVS Converter.

    Capture worked a week ago - Hardware?

    -I have used a USB 2.0 and RJ45 120GB from NetDisk (I connected it thru USB 2.0). I have used the device plugged in both situation ( having the problem and without having it.) And it doesnt seem to be affecting anything. * Im not using the drive anymore though*.
    -I bought my computer a month ago and played with several harddrives to transfer some files.

    I dont understand, Im using the latest drivers, my computer's supposed to be a bomb, and it worked just a week ago!

    This is what my computer looks like:

    AMD Athlon 64 3500+
    Windows XP SP2
    Asus A8V Deluxe
    160GB Maxtor
    200GB Seagate
    1GB DDR dual socket
    ATI Radeon 9800 PRO

    Vegas 5.0
    AVS Video Converter
    MainConcept VideoEncoder 3.4

    What should I do?



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