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Thread: Lip-Sync help needed!!!

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    Default Sync help needed!!!

    I have some short avi videos with pretty heavy "desync". The video comes about a second after the sound. So my question is, is there a freeware program which allows me to only delay the sound of the clips as to match with the frames? And if possible, one that is user friendly, like bsplayer's function to match the subtitles to the video, which was confortable to use.
    Thank you in advance!
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    Got windows? - use the free video editor supplied - should do the job.

    Most video editors will recomile very quickly if all you are doing is moving the s track - 5 to 10 times real time.

    I have found ' snippers ' that do not rerender to be totally rubbish - but the best is free - virtual dub - I think that can move sound seperate.

    AH - just remembered - there is a decent one - but i cant recall the name... if it comes back to me will post.

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