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    Cool VCR Tape to DVD

    I recently have purchased various hi-tech equipment that allows me to run a satelite feed into my computer. Is it possible to run my VCR into the computer (TV card in computer) , record my tapes and create DVD's from them? Using Windows Home Premium with Media Center.
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    Moved - please have a care when posting... Is this a film for review by forum users? No - it isnt.

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    Welcome kertjk

    I can just speak for XP,and I have the same set up,Sat into my PC.
    To capture old VCR tapes you can use your video card VIVO cables it works a charm but the resolution isnt amazing ,but VCR isnt either?
    I have had this problem for a long time and from wot ive heard this card is the bollocks

    Good Luck

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    Thanks marrs:

    Here's what I found out ... I ran the cable from the tape recorder onto the TV card, replacing the satelite feed. WORKED GREAT ... and here's a tip back, Windows Media Centre was the perfect venue to make the new video from my old tapes, then edited further through windows moviemaker. I had 2 years of my own horses racing that i put together in 1 video and can now burn to DVD.

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