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Thread: Speeding up HDV editing.

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    Default Speeding up HDV editing.

    As some of may have noticed I am not a huge fan of HDV as currently implimented.
    A huge part of my loathing comes from the sluggish performace of this format in the editor. I use lots of colour correction often, sharpening, and all manner of groovy fx, and the option to use m blurr is nice.

    I have found that on hdv source that the editing process gets too clunky - I edit fast and it irritates me.

    Anyone out there done this work around - maybe edit all in SD DV on a SD capture / convert and then only substitute the HDV file for the render - similar to old old editing with an edit decision list - what is the best way of doing this in vegas ?

    And in case anyone sys get an 8 core PC - well 2 times, or even 4 times infinity is infinity..... I just find it too clunky compared to sd dv. HDV on my core duo is like SD DV on my old amd xp 1700 - too slow!

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    I like to split and delete some of the clips that aren't being used. It makes the playback and rendering alot faster.

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