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    Testing my new HDR-HC5E camera.
    The Forest is always a good place to start.

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    Well I certainly like mine a lot, and this seems to be a good example of why. I do find that I prefer to increase contrast and colour saturation when shooting in lower light though, which I think this video needs. That can be done in camera, but better in post for the control I think. The camera seems capable of capturing a good range of tones, so you have the material to work with. Also YouTube does it's bit to trash images of course.

    I did this test which is over contrasted and over saturated, but it serves to show the depth that can be achieved, and bear in mind this is much compressed DV, not HDV.

    For the price it does me very well, and on build quality it knocks the much celebrated HV20 into a cocked hat as far as I'm concerned.

    Hope it goes well for you.
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    Yeah your right with the lighting etc,but it was ment as a raw test for this post in the forums,my fault I should of linked it earlyer.

    Theres lots of colour tweaks and programs avaliable but as I said it was just a shoot and render really.

    Regards Marrs

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