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Thread: What tool for this job?

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    Default What tool for this job?

    Right then, bruv has asked me this question so I thought I'd pass it on to you's guys as it's not my area. I went to but that site seems good at answering questions you already know something about.

    Basically, how does one decode a VOB file from a DVD and create a video CD from it. i.e. what tool will convert it to a format where he can drag and drop the resulting file into Nero to create a video CD.

    As I understand, a VOB file is basically an MPEG2 file with a different extension. Can he just rename the file and drag and drop into Nero? Is it as simple as that?

    His karaoke machine will only play VCDs and not DVDs so the particular VOB file needs converting.

    My knowledge on DVD ripping doesn't go further than DVDShrink for making, er, backups.

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    FlaskMPEG can convert VOB files directly to most formats. You may need something like DVDdecryter to dectypt the vobs (remove). However, in my experience DVDx is the puppy best suited to the job (google DVDx, or chat to me on MSN).

    DVDx will take your VOBs, then create the MPEGs needed for the VCD or SVCD. Personally I'd convert to an intermediary file, then use TMPGenc to convert to KVCD compliant MPEG, then nurn in Nero.
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    There's some interesting stuff here:
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