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Thread: Advice on XM2 please

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    Default Advice on XM2 please


    I recently posted in the wedding section. I have filmed some friends weddings and am looking for a better camera. I have a small budget and am looking at the canon XM2. It was recomended to me to go for something better, but I can't stretch the budget any further.

    I am looking at doing some friends weddings with the new camera with a view to seeing if I can produce something more professional looking that I have done already. I have my next one in January (if no one asks me before).

    I am after some honest opinions on the camera for this use as I had read some pretty positive reviews before coming to this forum and finding out that it possibly might not be up to the job.

    I am also looking at getting the canon DM50 microphone to improve the sound. Will I need an adaptor for this mictophone, or would it attach directlly on to the camera?

    Thanks in advance


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    The canon is ideal to use as you learn.
    It may not be suitable for making money as people always seem to expect hdv - pixel whores the lot of them.

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    There just seems too many cameras to choose from! If I were to ask you what the best camera for under 2500, what would it be? Bearing in mind its going to be for weddings?

    How about the Sony VX2100?

    Please advise me!

    Thank you
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