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    Hello everybody,

    Just wanting to check before I began filming something thats going to be played on a big screen, coming from a projector linked to a computer

    Is there anything I need to watch out for when filming and more importantly exporting from Premiere Pro Cs3 to make sure the quality is top notch when played on something this big?. Should I adjust any settings?

    Any help is appreciated


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    When you are filming be very careful about camera movement. Poor h held work is barely acceptable on TV but when projected much camera shake / movement will have your audience throwing up - well maybe not, but shake really looks rubbish on the big screen.

    Most projectors I have used, all three ( lol), crushed the blacks so if any of your stuff is very drak and high contrast check the blacks work first.

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    Remeber you only get what you put in so if your fotage is recorded in SD then export it as SD and not Hd. You won't gain anything from exporting it as HD video except for pixelated video and a huge file

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