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Thread: Sony HVR Z7U Vs Canon XH A1

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    Default Sony HVR Z7U Vs Canon XH A1


    Am considering purchasing either the Sony HVR Z7U or the Canon XH A1. I'm going to use them primarily for underwater work and need them to be broadcast qulaity HD as i have a number of projects coming that require HD qulity. I'm very intrested to know which of the 2 cameras perform better under low light conditions and the differences between the AF on both cameras. Also, the manual white balance capabilities and how they perform after they have been WB . . .

    Any help and advice would be gratefully received . . .


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    Both those cameras are far far better than the shit that we get broadcast - broadcast quality is actually totally crap. If anyone doubts this go plug any half decent cam into your telly and see how much better that pic is.

    To call the crap that is broadcast ' HD ' cracks me up - tut, ranting again....

    Both cameras will wb fine i am sure and I suspect will perform very similarly. You really need to try them both, you cant buy a cam by specs or what others say - it's gotta feel right to you.

    HDV ( note not HD, that is something that moratls cant afford) underwater... you are gonna need some pukka lights too.... and another thing about WB... I would make sure that the cameras can wb to really mad temperatures... maybe??? I was just thinking of all the weird effects on the quality of the light underwater... maybe ???

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