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Thread: hey guys what u think about my video?

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    Default hey guys what u think about my video?

    just tested my acting skilz))

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    I shall try to say something positive... er... your acting is better than your spelling.

    It's probably best if I stop there.

    (I really hope that this is a spoof, in which case it didn't quite work. If it's serious then er...)

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    The first shot is poorly framed, although your reaction to the letter initially is quite funny. From then on, if you are taking it all seriously then I don't think you're going to win an oscar anytime soon.

    But for a first video? It's not too bad. The editing could also be tighter, but you learn as you go on hmm.

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    I assume that as this has been posted on a film forum in Israel that that's your origin, now I can't speak Israeli so well done that you can spell English at all, but it is important to get the spelling and grammar right in a video. Slang and inspeak might be fine when in context though of course.

    But you asked about the acting. To me your choice of music in places implies you intended it to be similiar to the slient movies of old, indeed the acting is consistent with that, 'over acted'. Turn it to black and white and speed it up a little and that would make sense some more. If this was not the intention then take a look at upset and angry people, is that how they actually behave?

    The camera work etc is another subject, we'd need to know if your aim is to be an actor or a film maker, or both, to be able to help more.

    So like the first response I'm also left wondering if this is just a spoof, but as it's not good enough to be either valid acting or a an effective spoof such doubt will be the only conclusion from it for me. Work to do in both areas whichever it may be

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    Cracked up over the beginning so hopefully it is meant to be funny!
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    THANK U all for repliying and again im sorry for my terrible english .. actually i made this video in hebrew ... but i decided to make it also in the english version... im focusing on my acting more than everything... studiying 2 months .. new to the editing stuff and etc... again sorry for the awful english spelling (thank god u dont hear my accent)

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    and i agree the first scene was overacting

    and its better to make this scene more seriously...

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    One of my ex girlfriends was an actress and she was often stealing on of my cameras to film herself and watch - a good learning method.

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