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    Default Noisy DV recorded audio track

    Hi Guys,

    Could anybody possibly help me solve a issue I'm having with some audio. I've captured some old VHS tapes via a firewire DV converter into Prem Pro and the video quality is acceptable but the audio is noticeably noisy. I'd like to remove as much as possible but havn't a clue how I'd go about doing this.

    Here is a 30 second sample incase anybody feels like trying.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Sounds as bad as vhs often did.... I dont think much can be done without adding more problems.

    Maybe filter the top end down a bit as everything above 8khz sounds like hiss or you could try a noise gate to reduce the hiss in quiet bits but the hiss is so bad then you will get noise pumping.

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    Thanks Mark. That helped dampen it abit plus its a useful technique to know for the future.

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